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Year supply - Laundry sheets (6x40 washes) colour laundry

Year supply - Laundry sheets (6x40 washes) colour laundry

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Make your colours and the planet shine with Klaaar laundry sheets for coloured laundry. Our innovative formula optimally protects the colours of your favorite clothes without harmful substances. As the laundry sheets are very compact, you no longer have to haul heavy bottles of detergent. Moreover, you save a lot of disposable plastic and CO2 emissions. Give your clothes and the earth the care they deserve with these sustainable laundry strips!

Ready for a year of the cleanest laundry experience ever?

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Instruction Instruction
How does it work?
Place your clothes in the washing machine.
Add one or two laundry sheets to the drum.
Start a normal wash cycle.
A cleaner future starts at home
At Klaaar, we believe in the power of small steps for big change. With our natural laundry sheets, you reduce plastic waste, water transport, environmental pollution and your ecological footprint. Did you know that a household has an average of 24O washes a year? This way, you can make a massive impact for a clean future!
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USP icon
Powerful clean
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100% dissolvable
Reduce CO2 emissions
Reduce CO2 emissions
Make water transport (liquid detergent = 80% water) and the resulting CO2 emissions superfluous.
Ban disposable plastic
Ban disposable plastic
Avoid plastic pollution by switching from bottles of detergent to our super-compact laundry sheets.
Keep the planet clean
Keep the planet clean
Keep harmful microplastics out of the environment and contribute to clean rivers, oceans, and nature.
Choose less hassle
Choose less hassle
No more spilling and odors from too much detergent. Enjoy the convenience of quick-dissolving laundry sheets without residue on your clothes.

Frequently asked questions

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What are laundry sheets?
Laundry sheets are a sustainable alternative to traditional laundry detergent with the same powerful effect. Our natural formula cleans and cares for your clothes, without harmful ingredients. Thanks to the compact size of the strips, plastic bottles and other disposable plastic are completely superfluous. Klaaar biodegradable laundry sheets are also super easy to use. Simply throw a strip in the washing machine and enjoy fresh, radiant, and sustainable laundry in no time.
Are laundry sheets just as powerful as traditional laundry detergent?
Absolutely! Despite their compact size, our laundry strips are just as powerful as traditional laundry detergent. The concentrated formula is gentle to your clothes, skin, and the planet, but merciless to dirt and stains. Unlike some other natural laundry products, our strips also provide a wonderfully fresh scent.
What types of laundry sheets are there?
We have developed two types of laundry strips: for white laundry and for coloured laundry. Both types have the same powerful effect and fresh Klaaar scent.