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      What are wax strips?
      Washing strips are a sustainable alternative to classic detergent with the same powerful effect. Our natural formula cleans and cares for your clothes like the best, without harmful ingredients. Thanks to the compact size of the strips, plastic bottles and other disposable plastics are completely unnecessary. Ready biodegradable washing strips are also super convenient to use. Simply throw a strip in the washing machine and in no time you will enjoy fresh, radiant and durable laundry.
      Are washing strips as powerful as classic detergent?
      Absolutely! Despite their compact size, our laundry strips are just as powerful as traditional laundry detergent. The concentrated formula is gentle to your clothes, skin, and the planet, but merciless to dirt and stains. Unlike some other natural laundry products, our strips also provide a wonderfully fresh scent.
      What types of laundry strips are there?
      We have developed two types of laundry strips: for white laundry and for coloured laundry. Both types have the same powerful effect and fresh Klaaar scent.