Planet B lanceert Klaaar. Nieuwe brand, nieuwe ambities.

Planet B launches Klaaar. New brand, new ambitions.

Welcome to the world of Klaaar! With this spanking new brand from Planet B, your laundry experience will never be the same again. Faster, cleaner, fresher, but above all much more sustainable. Our natural laundry strips turn laundry day into a party - for your senses, your health, and the planet.

Are you also ready for a cleaner future?

Our ambition is simple but strong, just like our laundry strips. We want to reduce the environmental impact of the cleaning sector while giving you the best laundry experience ever. Because sustainability doesn't have to be at the expense of quality. Our revolutionary laundry strips prove that you can have super clean laundry ánd a clean planet.

What makes our laundry strips so special?

Klaaar laundry strips are made from high-quality, natural ingredients. Gentle to your clothes and your skin, merciless to stains and dirt. They are completely free of chemicals and other harmful substances, making them 100% safe for you, your family, and the environment.

By choosing Klaaar, you contribute to a sustainable future. Wash after wash, we can reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Let's keep the planet clean for ourselves and generations to come.

"Laundry strips are more than just a product; they represent a revolution in the way we treat our clothing and our planet. With Klaaar, we want to inspire a generation that embraces sustainable choices with enthusiasm. Let's wash away old norms and start a journey where clean laundry becomes a symbol of positive change. Together we can make a lasting impact and create a better future, wash after wash." - Tibbe Verschaffel, Co-Founder Planet B

What makes choosing Klaaar so special?

We believe that sustainability is a conscious choice, but also a very trendy and stylish one. Our laundry strips are designed with an eye for detail and are completely plastic-free. They are more than just products; they represent a lifestyle. Klaaar is ready to steal the show in
your laundry room!

By choosing Klaaar, you make a statement for a cleaner world.

But also for easier cleaning. With our convenient laundry strips, you avoid hassle with dosing caps, spilling, and residue in your machine and laundry. Enjoy super clean laundry with the typical fresh scent of Klaaar strips in no time.

Enjoy the cleanest laundry experience ever!

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