Hoe begin je aan de lenteschoonmaak?

How do you start spring cleaning?

As the sunbeams announce the arrival of spring, it is also time for the annual spring cleaning at home. Although it proves to be a difficult task for many, it does not have to be. With Klaaar, every spring cleaning becomes a party!

Preparation is half the battle and that applies to spring cleaning too. It is a fairly large job, so you can quickly lose track and no longer see the wood for the trees. We would therefore like to give you some useful tips so that you can start your annual spring cleaning with ease.

During spring cleaning you normally tackle the entire house. That is a very large task to complete all at once and it is usually not feasible. Therefore, consider cleaning room by room . This way you are less likely to lose track and you can also stop midway the cleaning, without leaving rooms half finished. Create a checklist of all the small tasks for each room. This gives you a clear overview of all the cleaning work and don't forget to reward yourself if you can tick all the boxes!

Now that you know what needs to be done, you can create a realistic timetable . You usually don't have the time to tackle the entire house at once. So prioritize the rooms that can wait the least long for cleaning. Additionally, list all the necessary cleaning products and check what you already have at home. You don't need to buy everything new, because many kitchen products can also be used as cleaning products. Besides cleaning, tidy up. Go trough each room, assess whether you really need each item, and declutter accordingly. Having fewer items means less mess and less cleaning.

When spring cleaning, don't just focus on rooms, floor or furniture, but also consider textiles and clothing. A thorough cleaning consists not only of vacuuming and dusting, but also of washing sheets, curtains, pillowcases and so on. Don't forget to strip your beds and give your sheets a refresh!

It is also important to consider the environmental impact of spring cleaning. Nowadays there are many cleaning products available, some more powerful or effective than others. You obviously want a clean house, but that does not always ensure an equally clean environment. These cleaning products often contain strong chemicals that then end up in the water after use.

However, that doesn't mean spring cleaning can't be eco-friendly! With Klaaar you can wash your clothes, sheets and other textiles plastic-free and with respect for nature . Our laundry strips do not contain any harmful ingredients and are biodegradable, yet they're just as effective as traditional detergent. Gentle to your skin, your clothes and the planet, but ruthless on stains!

Tip of the day: we offer our Klaaar laundry strips with a handy subscription option. You choose how many boxes you want to order each time and how often you'd like to reorder. We will give you one extra tip, shipping costs you nothing if you order two boxes or more!

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