Er is een kant-en-Klaaare oplossing

There is a ready-made solution

Enter the world of Klaaar, where we see clean laundry not only as a must, but also as an opportunity to make the world plastic-free. At Klaaar we go further than just washing products. Discover in this article what Klaaar stands for and how we strive for a better future, wash after wash.

At Klaaar, we strive to inspire a new generation that enthusiastically embraces sustainable choices. Let's say goodbye to outdated norms and start a journey together where clean laundry becomes the symbol of positive change.

Why laundry strips?

There is an abundance of plastic in our world, and its effects are being felt on several fronts. Klaaar offers the solution: natural biodegradable washing strips for both white and colored laundry, without harmful ingredients but with the same powerful effect as a classic detergent. Kind to your clothes, your skin and the planet, but merciless to dirt and stains.

The compact shape of the strips makes plastic bottles and other disposable products completely unnecessary. It's simple: throw one or two laundry strips in the drum depending on the amount of laundry, place your clothes in the washing machine and start the cycle. You'll enjoy fresh laundry in no time.

Wax strips ingredients:

  • Fabric Softener: Smoothes and coats the fibers so fabrics feel softer, reduce wrinkles, reduce static electricity and add a fresh scent to your laundry.
  • Coconut Oil Extracts: has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Enzyme: is a catalyst for the process, it accelerates the chemical reaction between stains and the water solution, promoting stain removal and improving efficiency. There are optical brighteners in the enzymes for white laundry. For colored laundry, there are color grabbers in the enzymes.

Thanks to Klaaar's natural wax strips, you not only experience the convenience of reduced plastic waste, but you also contribute to reducing water transport, preventing environmental pollution and reducing your ecological footprint. Packaged in compostable material, the wax strips not only reduce your ecological impact but also take a step towards less plastic waste and more attention for our precious planet.

Fact of the day:

On average, a household carries out around 240 washes per year. This means that with every wash you can make a significant contribution to a cleaner future!

With Klaaar we invite you to be part of this journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you are a conscious consumer who is already familiar with sustainable products or just someone looking for a simple way to contribute to positive change, Klaaar is here for you.

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